8HDA3+ at Hexus.net

"All in all, we're pleasantly surprised by the Athlon 64's performance, and we have been receptive to VIA's K8T800 design. The nForce3 150, though, seems to be a little barren by comparison. That's not an observation that's normally directed at NVIDIA. Our initial examination of the Athlon 64 reveals great promise. EPoX and Shuttle have both done well to market boards so quickly. We'll reserve our judgment of the K8T800 and nForce3 150 until a few more examples have passed through the labs. EPoX and VIA has the upper hand so far, though. Effortlessly smooth at 2.3GHz / DDR460".

Read the review here

Posted 9:11 GMT,Monday, September 29, 2003


8KRA2+ at AMDZone

"The 8KRA2+ is another feature packed board from Epox. Serial ATA, IDE RAID, 6 channel audio, Firewire, Ethernet, and diagnostic LEDs are amongst the robust features. Epox also includes some excellent overclocking options, and the board performed good and was stable. The board also has good documentation and should have a competitive price.

Epox has extended their excellent Athlon motherboard line with the 8KRA2+ based on the VIA KT600 chipset. With plenty of features like Serial ATA, IDE RAID, and the diagnostic LED few KT600 boards will out class it. It is certain Epox will maintain their low cost model, and couple that with good performance, documentation, and stability and Epox has another winner on their hands".

Read the review here 

Posted 18:23 GMT,Sunday, September 14, 2003


8KRA2+ at Envynews.com

"It is very unfortunate that I did not have an XP3200+ processor handy, in my opinion this motherboard coupled with a 200Mhz FSB and high quality RAM this board will really perform. Taking into account that this board is armed to the teeth with features and gadgets the board should last even the more demanding user for a long time and for £68 + VAT itís a win-win situation! Don't forget that EPoX also offer a superb 2 year manufacturers warranty".

Read the review here 

Posted 9:03 GMT,Tuesday, September 2, 2003


8KRA2+ at EX-Hardware

"Overall, the EPoX EP-8KRA2+ KT600 Motherboard is a very impressive board from EPoX. The EPoX EP-8KRA2+ not only makes full use of all the new features offered by the VIA Apollo KT600 chipset but manages to integrate them all into one very well designed board. With it's superb BIOS and tweaking options, the EP-8KRA2+ will definitely deliver the goods in any high performance system. Highly recommended!"

Read the review here 

Posted 12:47 GMT,Wednesday, August 20, 2003


4PDA2+ at OCPrices

"The 4PDA2+ V2.0 is an absolutely fantastic motherboard. I've seen a lot of Springdales since the chipset's introduction, and the 4PDA2+ V2.0 stands head and shoulders above them all. The board, somehow, manages to get everything right. The layout is the best on any Springdale, and the best I've seen on any board in years. The board is an overclocking monster, I'm sure that with water it could easily surpass 300mhz FSB. It simply does not know the meaning of the word quit. Voltage options are what I would expect from Epox, (read: far beyond sanity) and the board finally gets the Vcore to match. As if that weren't enough, the board has features you can't get anywhere else (Raid 1.5 and SATA hot-swap), and a reasonable price ($140-150 in the US). If there is such a thing as motherboard perfection, the 4PDA2+ V2.0 comes damn close. It deserves nothing less than our highest award. Very highly recommended."

Read the review here 

Posted 9:05 GMT,Wednesday, August 20, 2003


8KRA2+ at Legion Hardware

Although ASUS was next in line offering excellent value and performance with the A7V600 I feel EPoX did more to score the Value award. The 8KRA2+ not only provided excellent performance but it also had the longest list of features. Combine these two features with the affordable price tag of $100 US and itís hard to deny the value of this EPoX motherboard.

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Posted 13:29 GMT,Wednesday, August 13, 2003


4PCA3+ at PCStats

"Stock performance of the epox 4PCA3+ was very good; it outperformed both the AOpen AX4C Max and MSI 875 Neo-FIS2R motherboards in almost all the benchmarks, sometimes by more than 5%!"

Read the review here 

Posted 9:16 GMT,Thursday, July 24, 2003


4PDA2+ at Digit Life

".........there is only one board that demonstrates a bit higher performance level - EPoX 4PDA2+, that outdoes its rivals by 3-5%. The others have equal scores. Moreover, they have identical functions. That is why the EPoX keeps the lead in all respects including the accessory pack."

Read the review here 

Posted 9:51 GMT,Tuesday, July 22, 2003


4PDA2+ at Hexus.NET

Today we have another review for you on the 865PE Springdale - this is supposed to be a 'cheaper' chipset for all the people who do not want to spend £150 on a 875P based mainboard.

"This 4PDA2+ sample was a prodigious FSB overclocker, a features champion and a paradigm of stability. ..... we're confident that this board will sell well. One has to ask themselves exactly what they need from a prospective motherboard. This EPoX seems to have most of the bases covered."

Read the review here 

Posted 16:35 GMT,Thursday, July 3, 2003


8K9A9I at Legion Hardware

.........The EPoX EP-8K9A9I has received the value award, as it is the best performance/features/price ratio KT400A board available................

Read the review here 

Posted 14:38 GMT,Wednesday, June 11, 2003


4PDA2+ at 3DVelocity

The wraps are officially off Intel's 865 "Springdale" chipset and 3DVelocity got to check out the i865PE powered Epox 4PDA2+. If the idea of IDE RAID, SATA-RAID, IEEE1394, USB2.0, 6 channel sound and 800MHz system bus doesn't raise at least a smile you better check for a pulse!

Read the review here 

Posted 9:00 GMT,Thursday, May 22, 2003


8RDA3+ at Hexus.net

We've established that the 8RDA3+ is rather quick with a suitable 200FSB CPU in the socket. We've also established that the EPoX board tries to maximise its appeal to the enthusiast sector, the sector that makes up a large proportion of EPoX's sales. Its offers a strong yet simple BIOS that enthusiasts will love. The question that we need to pose ourselves is 'what have EPoX done over and above the 8RDA+ to warrant the purchase of a new nForce2 motherboard?'.

Firstly, EPoX have used NVIDIA's new nForce2 Ultra 400 chipset. As the name implies, the chipset runs perfectly with the very latest 200FSB XP3200+ AMD processor. That's good news even if you have a present 133/166FSB XP. The 8RDA3+ unlocks the multiplier on most XPs, thereby giving you the option of running with a much higher FSB than before. Pair the 8RDA3+ up with a tasty XP1700 JIUHB, crank up the FSB to 200+, and watch the benchmarks sail by. Excellent voltage adjustments take the hard work out of overclocking. Passive cooling on the MCP and a 12v 4-pin power connector are two of the obvious 'improvements' over the 8RDA+

Read the review here 

Posted 13:28 GMT,Wednesday, May 21, 2003


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