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8RDA+ at Sweclockers

"If you want to be able to overclock good and have a really solid mainboard without RAID functions, then EPoX EP-8RDA+ is my choice. Also the mainboard is a some hundred SEK cheaper than EP-8K9A2+.”

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Posted 17:31 GMT,Thursday, January 30, 2003


8K9A2+ at Legion Hardware

"The 8K9A2+ showed a great deal of potential through its unbeatable performance. Up until this date, ASUS have had the reputation (At Legion Hardware anyway!) of offering the fastest KT400 board; today EPoX have ended the reign of ASUS’s A7V8X with their 8K9A2+ motherboard.”

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Posted 17:15 GMT,Thursday, January 30, 2003


4PEA+ at HardInfo

EPOX has done quite well here at HARDiNFO and the 4PEA+ proves why. EPOX is the brand for entuasiast which is shown many times here - the 4-phase power-supply for instance - which is absolutely top class. This shows which EPOX's true customers are - the tweakers and the overclockers. The decision made by EPOX in moving the AGP-slot a tad gives plenty of room in the upper half and all we need now is for EPOX to rearrange the ATX-connector. If EPOX had decided to we had a winner here and the rounded quality-cables could be used as wrapping for this true gift to overclockers!

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Posted 12:00 GMT,Wednesday, January 29, 2003


8RDA+ at PCStats

Epox always seems to be able to impress us. Maybe it's their dedication to enthusiasts/overclocker segment which gives them a special place in my heart, or maybe it's just that they produce some darn fast motherboards. The Epox 8RDA+ continues this tradition of excellent quality, speed and overclockability with the help of a special little chipset from Nvidia.

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Posted 11:56 GMT,Wednesday, January 29, 2003


8RDA+ at VR-Zone

"EPoX 8RDA+ performs very well against the KT400 platform especially when the CPU FSB is running at 166Mhz or 200Mhz synchronous with the Dual Channel Memory. The main intention is to run Dual Channel with this board therefore i don't see point getting this board and run at Single Channel .This board performs exceptionally well in SpecViewPerf tests and Content Creation applications which is good news for users using this platform for such applications."

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Posted 15:45 GMT,Wednesday, January 22, 2003



The Epox 8RDA+ has everything that an overclocker or tweaker wants. It offers a very good selection of overclocking tools and lots of memory tweaking options. When it comes to performance, the 8RDA+ is second to none, topping nearly all the benchmark suits. We have no hesitation in giving the 8RDA+ our OCNZ Recommended Award, for its performance and overclocking features. All in all, this board is born for overclockers.

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Posted 9:47 GMT,Wednesday, January 8, 2003


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