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8RDA+ at

EP-8RDA+ receives a HARDiNFO recommended award for its perfect PCB-design, overclocking capabilities, features and bundling.

EP-8RDA+ review at 

Posted 10:04 GMT,Tuesday, December 10, 2002


4SDA5+ at Processor Emporium

Overall the EP-4SDA5+ is a very good board. Epox have once again produced a product which is packed with features and has an impressive level of performance. We especially like the inclusion of IEEE 1394 along with USB 2.0 which gives users an extra choice in the peripheral expansion capability of this board. That aside all of the usual high-end features which have come to expect from Epox are present with this board such as ATA RAID, PC-2700 support and a generous compliment of PCI slots.

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Posted 11:39 GMT,Monday, December 9, 2002


4PEA+ at

EPoX has been with us for quite a while now and they are mostly known for making very overclocking friendly boards. The thing that extinguishes EPoXís boards is the amount of BIOS features for overclocking. It is now time to take a look at their newest board, based on Intelís newest update of their I845 chipset. This time around it is called I845PE and support for DDR333 has been added. This support has been missing in Intelís earlier I845 chipsets and is a welcome addition.

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Posted 13:40 GMT,Thursday, December 5, 2002


8RDA+ at Anandtech

The Editor's Choice Gold Award for best value motherboard goes to the Epox 8RDA+. The combination of speed, solid features and a bargain-basement price are what makes the Epox 8RDA+ our Editor's Choice Gold Award for best value motherboard in the Athlon XP market. It doesn't hurt that the Epox 8RDA+ ended up overclocking the best out of any other motherboard.

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Posted 9:42 GMT,Thursday, December 5, 2002


8RDA+ at

It's been a long time since I used an Athlon system as for the past year I have been using Intel processors due to them been quite a bit ahead due to the very good overclockability of the P4 Northwood processors.
However since testing this motherboard and XP2700 combination I am happy to say that AMD have certainly caught back up with Intel as I would have said that the XP2700 in stock form is easily on par with a 2.8Ghz P4 processor when used in an Nforce motherboard. I was also very impressed with how far the XP2700 overclocked, I was only expecting to reach around 2.3Ghz but the fact that I was able to reach 2.6Ghz impressed me greatly and at this speed it was equivalent to roughly an XP3300 processor.
There really is not much I can say about the motherboard as it was pretty much flawless and certainly extremely fast and great for an overclocker like myself. My only gripe with the setup was the latest Nvidia/EPOX drivers causing problems and that Windows seems to take a little longer to load than normal. If it wasn't for the fact that at home I am running a 2.26B@3.0Ghz P4 with RAMBUS at home (which this AMD rig beats in most of the benchmarks) I would change back to AMD today, but for what I do, my 3Ghz P4 even though slightly slower than this XP at 2550Mhz is still good enough for me. It certainly shows from these benchmarks that a combination of AMD and Nvida (Nforce2) leads to exceptional performance and it certainly makes AMD competitive once more again with Intel.
Basically the EPOX board seems a well finished product, it has multiplier, FSB (max 211Mhz), Vcore (max 2.2v), AGP (max 1.8v) and Vdimm (max 2.9v) voltage adjustment for overclockers. The board is stable and probably one of the fastest Nforce boards available on the market.

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Posted 16:28 GMT,Wednesday, December 4, 2002


8RDA+ at

The EPoX 8RDA+ as with other nForce2 based mainboards takes advantage of key technologies such as a Dual Channel DDR Memory Interface supporting up to DDR400, AGP8x, FireWire, USB2.0, IDE ATA133 , Integrated LAN Interface, and stunning 6 Channel Audio via the Integrated APU.

Judging by the results displayed in the review, this board looks to be a great performer, providing a stable and high performance evironment at defaults throughout the testing, and giving advanced users access to extra high voltages and settings for overclocking.

Heres a clip from the review:

"EPoX have made a name for themselves with motherboards generally aimed towards the enthusiast sector. Extremely adjustable BIOSes, relatively cheap prices, and performance that matches the best the industry have to offer, has meant that EPoX's star is on the rise. Let's see how their first attempt at an nForce2-based motherboard fares as we look at the 8RDA+.

It should be fast, stable, and have voltages that should scare most sane people."

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Posted 13:37 GMT,Wednesday, December 4, 2002


8RDA+ & 8K9A2+ at The Inquirer

There is no question right now that Nforce 2 (EP-8RDA+) is the fastest chipset for the Athlon processor on the market. 2700+ with FSB 333 clearly benefits from dual DDR memory and it will run your games and applications faster than any other chipset currently shipping. As for KT400 (EP-8K9A2+) it lags behind somewhat, but at the same time offers a stable overclocking platform especially since you have CPU multiplier unlocked. We were able to reach for the sky with its FSB making this board desirable for overclockers. This board also benefits from Raid and S-ATA

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Posted 17:48 GMT,Monday, December 2, 2002


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