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8K3A+ at Tech PC UK

Gibbo from reviews the EP-8K3A+

"This is the second KT333 CE motherboard I have tested and to be honest I believe it will be hard for the other motherboard manufacturers to bring out a superior performance/overclocking mainboard than EPOX's current 8K3A+."

Tech PC UK

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Posted 11:42 GMT,Monday, March 25, 2002


8K3A at Chillblast

"Ah, if only you...I mean we, were all as talented as the engineers at team Epox. This board is a screamer. They have continued in their previous style of turning out mainboards that couple speed, stability and style. The results we saw from testing were exceptional with the memory score pushing the vastly expensive RIMM to the max."

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Posted 17:26 GMT,Friday, March 22, 2002


8K3A+ at Tweaktown

"In all, the EPoX is the most versatile and hardcore overclocking board I have ever had the pleasure of testing. ... KT333 is a good innovative design by VIA"

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Posted 13:52 GMT,Tuesday, March 19, 2002


4BDA2+ at Overclocked Café

Yet another EPoX mainboard, yet another award, for all of the right reasons, yet again !!

- Overclockers dream with wide range of FSB settings
- Ability to lock AGP/PCI speeds to 66MHz and 33MHz respectively.
- Excellent Health monitoring abilities, including boot-up health summary.
- Outstanding positioning of IDE and case-wire connectors.
- LED POST error indicators, supporting up to 255 different codes.
- 1 AGP and 6 PCI slots with no IRQ shared between them.
- Supports boot devices such as LS120, Zip Drives, and USB devices.
- Keyboard Power-On
- ATA133 support via RAID controllers (which also support non-RAID configurations)

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Posted 8:15 GMT,Tuesday, March 19, 2002


8K3A+ at VR Zone

A small pre-review at VRZone on a pre-market sample of the 8K3A+ mainboard shows its awesome overclockability and massively configurable BIOS settings put to test. Once again we at EPoX bring you something special.........

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Posted 7:37 GMT,Tuesday, March 12, 2002


4BDA2+ at Hardware Luxx

"The Epox 4DBA2+ is very convincing. Those of you seeking to get a good, solid i845D mainboard to maybe overclock your Pentium4, will get excellent possibilities, that aren’t included in many other mainboards. Epox shall get an award for this mainboard:"

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Posted 16:24 GMT,Tuesday, March 5, 2002


4SDA+ reviewed at Tweaktown

"The EPoX 4SDA+ is one of the most remarkable Pentium 4 motherboards of all time. Speed, overclockability and stability were all above the normal. With the added RAID controller, this board is a must have for anyone wanting a Pentium 4, and with Northwood support, it just gets better."

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Posted 8:10 GMT,Monday, March 4, 2002


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