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8RGA+ at PCStats

"With its dual analog connectors round back this is the only nForce2-IGP motherboard that offers users dual monitor capabilities with its integrated GeForce4 MX video. I have to admit it is kind of eerie being able to set up a computer for dual displays without ever having to install a videocard.... or for that matter much else besides memory and a processor. Onboard features are a really cost effective way to save money if you are setting up lots of computers for business too".

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Posted 6:42 GMT,Tuesday, March 25, 2003


8RGA+ at

Speak to anyone that is serious about overclocking their AMD processor and they will generally advice you to start with an EPoX 8RDA+. This is because they know that hitting 200 MHz FSB is perfectly achievable. As the 8RDA+ automatically unlocks the processorís multiplier and DDR 3500 ram has become readily available people soon worked out that higher FSB speeds were only being blocked by the ability of the Northbridge.

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Posted 12:12 GMT,Sunday, March 16, 2003


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