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4SDA at

"Where Epox are to be wholeheartedly congratulated is in their thought and implementation of overclocking options. The 4SDA has amongst the broadest range of options ever seen. You can either manipulate the options by jumper or from within BIOS, a handy touch.

The voltages on offer, without any need for further modification, include Vcore up to 2.025v (when using the over-voltage jumper), DDR voltage up to 3.2v and AGP voltage up to 2v. We'd go so far as to say that these are almost extreme options, options that will delight those who practice in overclocking."

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Posted 4:45 GMT,Wednesday, April 24, 2002


8K3A at

"So what is the EPoX 8K3A like in practise after all the benchmarks are run and all the talk about KT333 is over? It's one of the most stable boards I've yet seen....... Not a blue screen throughout testing, no instability unless at the very ragged edge and pushing it to the extreme. A notch below the physical limits of the rest of the system and things were outstandingly stable, something 8K3A ........."

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Posted 4:45 GMT,Wednesday, April 24, 2002


M762A at Katuhintavertailu

The first M762A review is up at Katuhintavertailu in Finland. Although in Finnish, there are some wonderful pictures and good benchmarking to show the strength of the dual CPU orientated system in specialized application such as rendering of 3D work etc.

Once again, another award ........

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Posted 17:56 GMT,Monday, April 22, 2002


4SDA+ at

"The performance of the EP-4SDA speaks for itself, even at stock speeds, and the Epox 4SDA+ didn't shy away from our overclocking adventures. Being able to push the CPU 100 MHz higher (2.3 GHz) then any board before it is quite a feat especially considering we're using a Williamette Pentium 4 processor."

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Posted 9:24 GMT,Sunday, April 14, 2002


8K3A+ at

"Epox continues to release high quality Athlon boards that ooze features with an eye on overclockers. They also manage to keep the costs down so that budget buyers can stretch their dollars to the maximum without having to worry about stability. In the 8K3A+ you have a low cost board that is high on overclocking features and stability which carries on the torch for the 8K7A+."

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Posted 9:10 GMT,Sunday, April 14, 2002


8K3A+ at AMD3D.COM

"Lets start off by saying this is an excellent overclocking piece of hardware. All the adjustments for voltage are there in abundance. Epox know how to build an option packed bios. Every mobo manufacturer take note....."

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Posted 13:10 GMT,Thursday, April 11, 2002


4BDA2+ at

"This is motherboard has most options available for overclocking that I've seen so far on a P4 motherboard. The options include the ability to adjust FSB to 200Mhz at 1Mhz increments, DDR, AGP and Vcore voltages. You can also manually set the PCI to 33Mhz and the AGP to 66Mhz ... excellent. Memory adjustments include CAS latency settings from (auto), (2.5), (2) and (1.5). This is the first time I've ever seen a setting as low as CAS 1.5 ... I wonder what type of ram is that? Using my Pentium 4 Northwwod 1.6A (16x100), I was able to overclock it to 2.4Ghz (16x150) with no problems and runs with rock solid stability. Truely excellent.

The box package may look a little boring, but the motherboard is most definitely not. You get all the necessary manuals, cables and drivers on CD. Extra fetaures include onboard ATA133 Raid, onboard sound and Epox's famous debug LEDs. The only thing which it lacks is the newer USB 2.0.

Final words: The Epox EP-4BDA2+ is the Pentium 4 motherboard that everyone's been waiting for. The wealth of BIOS options and tweakablity is more than anyone could ask for. In all a excellent overclocker's board."

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Posted 11:42 GMT,Saturday, April 6, 2002


8K3A+ at PCPowerZone

News that is good enough for the main news as well as the reviews page !!

"The Epox engineers have done a wonderful job with the 8K3A+, not only have they been able to meet expectations with regards to matching or besting the near-legendary 8KHA+, they have exceeded them in taking the KT333 chipset and squeezing an awesome amount of performance from it. This board completely blows the MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU out of the water with performance like this. I doubt many other board manufacturers will be able to match this kind of performance, Epox have brought out a board that meets the requirements of the most avid overclockers out there - simply awesome! Who would complain about hitting 200MHz FSB straight out the box with no voltage mods etc.? Not many I bet."

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Posted 12:13 GMT,Monday, April 1, 2002


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