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8K5A2+ at Coolhardware

The 8K5A2+ would have scored another half a mark more if it had managed to pull all the benchmarks away from its older 8K3A brother, and I expect it could possibly do this with a future BIOS update as the scores were very close. The 8K5A made its mark elsewhere. The Voltage stability was far better, proving that EPoX do listen to feedback. Managing to hit the magic 200mhz FSB stable without reducing memory timing's was impressive. The 8K3A required us to drop the Timings for CAS to 2.5, and then topped out with AGP problems at 191mhz (with latest BIOS).
We have no problem with giving this Motherboard 9/10 and are positive we will be returning to give this setup another run once we start to see another BIOS.

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Posted 11:00 GMT,Saturday, August 31, 2002


8K5A2+ at Tbreak

The performance of the board is superb- it's the fastest we've tested for the AMD platform along with providing excellent overclocking and super stability. Epox bundles the board with all the hardware you'll need and it comes at a great price.

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Posted 11:51 GMT,Monday, August 12, 2002


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