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8K5A2+ at review the EP-8K5A2+ ....

"The overall conclusion is a lot more interesting from my point of view since you could have guessed the performance side of things pretty easily. So we validated that and what do we have left? We have a board that's seen a nice feature based upgrade, one that's as stable as before and with a BIOS that tweakers will fall in love with. The new VT8235 helps too.

The bundle is top notch and EPoX go the extra mile these days with their Socket A presentation.

The new features including USB2.0 are very welcome and bring the board up to the feature level of all new boards coming out these days, added to the performance that was there before and your usual EPoX low price, this board is my favourite Socket A board so far, bettering the SOYO Platinum. Only the ABIT AT7-MAX2 is on my Socket A radar along with this board. Well done to EPoX yet again, long may their Socket A board be as good as this one, we await the KT400 brethren with baited breath. I'm happy to give it the Hexus Editors Choice Award since I'd put one in my own system without question."

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Posted 15:29 GMT,Tuesday, October 1, 2002


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