Technical Support

If you are experiencing difficulty with your mainboard, or plainly require a driver update or manual - these pages are set out to accomplish such.

Warranty / Repair

Distributors (direct customers with account)
Warranty is extended solely to our direct customers and under NO circumstances is transferable. EPoX works closely with our distributors to provide timely and accurate RMA (repair) services to them.

End-users / Resellers (non-direct customers)
For all end-users your primary source for technical support is your place of purchase -- they should have the most current information about your configuration. All non-direct customers should obtain repair, exchanges or refunds from their place of purchase only. Non-direct customers under all situations are bound by the terms of sale between themselves and their dealers. Check your invoice or sales receipt for your dealer's terms and conditions they have made to you.

However, under certain circumstances - based solely at our discretion - we may extend warranty repair coverage to individuals on a case-by-case basis (example - dealer is out of business). The limit of all coverage is up to maximum two (2) years based on either purchase date, dealer terms and/or manufacture date. Actual coverage may be less than 2 years based on your terms of sale. Be advised individuals will be required to provide a printed invoice and an valid serial number from the product. Products damaged, marked as refurbished/used, those sold at auctions by other individuals and/or stolen may not be deemed appropriate for service. For example, prior to your purchase consider if the place of purchase can supply you with support and service. It might not be a good idea to purchase these kind of products through post/mail order.


Exceptions to warranty
During the EPoX mainboard warranty period some products may be excluded from warranty, EPoX will not take responsibility in some cases to repair the items returned. The products produced and sold by EPoX are intended to be used by professionals and damage caused by improper use or abuse or not covered in our warranty; i.e., boards damaged during assembly by tools (where PCB lines are open), Boards damaged by improper cooling and burning (where PCB is affected by such burning that is impossible to repair), boards damaged by customer shipping (where components are broken off or corners of the PCB are scuffed).
We are aware that EPoX products are known and even intended for flexible usage and tweaks, these functions are solely intended for those responsible to do so. V-modding or other modifications are also not covered by the warranty.

Commonly asked Pinout Questions for Front Panel USB and Audio connections


USB Connector Pinout for 10 pin block is as follows - for older legacy mainboards such as EP-8KTA3 where layout is of rotational symmetry. New USB 2.0 boards are of linear symmetry as defined within manual.



Front Panel Audio Connector Block Pinout is as follows


Contact EPoX UK Technical Support

If you do have a problem with your mainboard, please do contact EPoX Technical Support by using the linked support form. Please do note that this service is for UK customers only - it may delay your case if you do not reside in the UK - please contact your local branch office. NOTE - due to security measures and IP address logging, this is the only accepted method of contacting UK support.


CPU / Mainboard compatibility listings

To verify the compatibility of a certain processor with a mainboard or vice versa, please do view our processor compatibility listings. Maximum supported processors are listed in Megahertz, except for Athlon XP/MP processors which are listed by their XP rating using the quantispeed architecture.


In relation to the body text of the processor compatibility listings linked - all specifications and recommendations are subject to change without notice. PentiumŽ, PentiumŽII, PentiumŽIII, PentiumŽ4 and Celeron are registered trade names of Intel Corporation. AMD, AMD Athlon, AMD Athlon XP and AMD Duron and combinations thereof are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective companies.


Pentium 4 Series Recommended CPU List

AMD K7 Recommended CPU List



Motherboard Manuals

EPoX provides for our customers on-line manuals for many of our products. If your manual is lost or destroyed then this is the right place for you. Most of the manuals are in Adobe Acrobat format which requires either a plug-in or reader. Some older manuals are scanned images of the original printed version ZIP compressed.

Many of our motherboards have gone through many stages of "revision." While viewing the online documents keep in mind that the information may not apply to your board revision. The revision number of your motherboard is written in white silk screened letters in the upper left hand corner of your motherboard, just behind the leftmost ISA / PCI slot.

Some older model motherboard manuals (out of production boards) may not be available


Mainboard manuals are downloadable from our mainboard manuals download page.







Various drivers for all mainboards can be downloaded from our main driver area at


Driver FAQ

What is a driver?

A driver is a piece of software used by your computer to communicate with a particular peripheral. There are drivers for printers, the video, sound, modems, etc. Drivers are regularly updated and new versions can help fix problems and bring significant performance improvements.

Why upgrade drivers?

There are two main reasons to upgrade drivers:

1. Problem fixing
Compatibility problems are the most frequent problems solved by a new driver release. For instance, certain software may not run correctly due to the way they display information on the screen: the problem can be solved either by a new video driver or with a new release of the software.

2. Support of a new technology
Some peripherals rely on the processor computing power (for instance, Digital cameras and scanners). Others peripherals integrate dedicated, specialized chips (for instance, graphics accelerator cards). New drivers optimize the communications speed and task sharing between the processor and the peripheral.


Download Elsewhere ?


Alternatively drivers may be downloaded from chipset manufacturers sites directly at the following sites :-


Knowledge Base

EPoX USA hold a large database of information regarding specific queries in relation to specific mainboards, please click here to view.


Find and talk to other EPoX Users

AOA Forums is a great bulletin board service for like-minded Epox users to discuss amongst many topics - EPoX mainboards. Check it at NB - Advice given within these forums does not hold official backing of EPoX UK or any other EPoX branch office, it may be incorrect or inaccurate.


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