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EPoX Product announcement

4BDAE supports Hyper-Threading.

Recent tests in EPoX show that the 4BDAE (i845D + ICH2) can be overclocked to 533MHz with Hyper-Threading technology (HT) enabled.

For users of 4BDAE, this offers an upgrade path to enjoy the benefits of Hyper-Threading technology. End-users only need to upgrade to a new BIOS and mount the Intel Pentium-4 @3.06GHz HT-ready CPU to this board.

However this is upgrade option is strongly recommended for technical users only, as Epox will not held responsible for any loss incurred during this attempt. The new BIOS will be available from EPoX website from February 14th 2003. 

Posted 10:15, Thursday, January 30, 2003


New NForce 2 BIOS

Model: EP-8RDA+
BIOS: 8RDA3129.BIN (C000)
1.) Update ROMSIP & BPL (V2.84).
2.) Changed AGP Aperture Size default from 32MB to 64MB.
3.) Solved hang-up at post C1(h), when memory over clock.
4.) Added IDE DMA transfer function support.

Model: EP-8RDA
BIOS: 8RD13129.BIN (7C00)
1.) Update ROMSIP & BPL (V2.84).
2.) Changed AGP Aperture Size default from 32MB to 64MB.
3.) Solved hang-up at post C1(h), when memory over clock.
4.) Added IDE DMA transfer function support.

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 9:34, Thursday, January 30, 2003


New products added

Specifications of the EP-4GEAE and EP-4GEAEI mainboards have been added to our website. Based upon Intel's i845GE mainboard chipset, these mainboards give full hyperthreading support.

Link to the specifications here 

Posted 17:40, Monday, January 27, 2003



Model: EP-8RGA+
BIOS: 8RGA3123.BIN (4200)
1.) First release.

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 9:16, Monday, January 27, 2003


New CEO Appointment, EPoX Computer Co. Ltd

Aiming to position EPoX as the No. 1 second tier company in terms of gross profit in two years by reducing the operating cost and expanding the Company’s product market.

[TAIPEI, January 20, 2003]—EPoX Computer Co. Ltd., a world renowned manufacturer of motherboards, IA devices, communication devices, and industrial PC motherboards, announced the appointment of its new Chief Executive Officer, Jerry Ferng, effective January 1, 2003. Jerry Ferng succeeds Steve Hsiao, who earlier served concurrently as the Company’s Chairman and CEO.

Jerry Ferng, who will be based in Taipei, Taiwan at the company’s headquarters, will be responsible for executing the Company's Board of Directors' visions and the strategic direction of the Company. With Jerry’s strong technological background and his first-hand experience working on some of the most innovative technological developments of the past decade, the Company's Board of Directors has confidence in his capability to keep EPoX in the leading position in such a competitive marketplace.

“My first mission is to reduce our operating cost. We will gradually move 70% of our production capacity to Mainland China, and adopt the scheduled production and material preparation model”, Jerry said. “Besides keeping in nourishing the niche market of the DIY’er, we will adopt a much more proactive approach to reach the SI customers”.

He also stated that EPoX would strengthen its relationship with Intel as Intel begins to involve itself more so in the channel market sector and provides second tier manufactures with more technical and marketing support.

Motherboards will still account for the largest part of the Company’s sales this year. However, since the communication division’s product lines such as Bluetooth devices, have developed successfully, the sales revenue in this division is believed to grow in double digits this year.

Jerry estimates that the Company’s operation reengineering will be 80% accomplished in the first quarter and the outcomes of such should be evident shortly.

Jerry Ferng received his master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas. Prior to this appointment, Jerry Ferng had been the Special Assistant in the EPoX Computer President’s Office since July 2001. Also, Jerry Ferng, was previously one of the founding members of Award Software and worked for the Taiwan Mycomp Co., Ltd (TMC) and Phoenix Technologies Ltd.  

Posted 9:38, Friday, January 24, 2003


EP-8RGA+ Press Release

EPoX Releases Another Exciting NVIDIA nForce2 IGP/MCP-T Based Motherboard:EP-8RGA+

17 January 2003—NVIDIA® nForce2-based motherboards are gradually grabbing the attention of hardware professionals.

Striving to provide cutting-edge and industry-leading motherboard technology, EPoX Computer Co. Ltd, releases another much anticipated nForce2 IGP/MCP-T based motherboard, the EP-8RGA+, following the introduction of the best-selling EP-8RDA+, which does not have VGA on board. The EP-8RGA+ features optimised specifications and an extremely adjustable BIOS whilst keeping a high degree of stability. The EP-8RGA+ is targeted at the high-end market and is well suited for both every day users and Overclockers alike.

Optimised Specifications
EP-8RGA+ is a feature-rich motherboard. It possesses optimised specifications that provide an awesome overall PC experience and meet the increasing demand on efficient processing of graphical information. Based on the nForce2 IGP northbridge and MCP-T southbridge, the EP-8RGA+ features built-in support for AMD’s HyperTransport interconnect technology, delivering the highest continuous throughput between the two platform processors. Three memory slots are available for up to 3GB of DDR400 memory, based on NVIDIA®’s revolutionary Dual-DDR architecture.
In addition, the EP-8RGA+ has built in VGA with GeForce4 MX graphics core, supporting AGP 8X. Enabling NVIDIA®'s nView™ multi-display technology, the 8RDA+ provides two VGA connectors, helping users to spread work across multiple monitors instead of stacking window upon window within the confines of a single monitor. This improves the efficiency of multi-tasking and information processing. In addition, the EP-8RGA+ is equipped with a 10/100 Ethernet controller, six USB 2.0 ports (two as an option), and two IEEE1394a/Firewire ports, as well as 6CH Dolby audio. Furthermore, EP-8RGA+ offers six PCI slots, plenty for future expansion.

Extremely adjustable BIOS and Stability
EPoX has, for a long time, been well known for its strong BIOS in the enthusiast sector. The 8RGA+, without exception features an extremely adjustable BIOS whilst maintaining high-level system stability. The 8RGA+ supports EPoX’s proprietary in-house Power BIOS utility. The overclocking BIOS options range from processor multiplier ratio adjustment, memory voltage adjustment, AGP operating voltage adjustment, to many more overclocking features that overclocking enthusiasts have the desire for.
The 8RGA+ is equipped with most of EPoX’s in-house hardware utilities, including Magic Health (monitoring all the vital system functions), Post Port (debug LED display), and EZ-Boot (providing shortcuts to boot setting).For specifications, please read here. 

Posted 9:39, Monday, January 20, 2003


New NForce 2 BIOS ..

Model: EP-8RDA
BIOS: 8RD13117.BIN (C400)
1.) Memory timings setting fail when change 'Memory Timings' item values.
2.) Patch 'Memory Frequency' item always be changed as default when entry the Chipset Features item.
3.) Fix QAPLUS "NPU" test fail.
4.) Magic health support.
5.) Fixed SMBus loss SUBSystemID after S3 resume.
6.) Change 'USB keyboard support' default to 'Enabled'.
7.) Always set memory clock as 100Mhz before BPL.
8.) Fixed issue for AMD CPU_CHK tools.
9.) PID#21922 - Change Athlon XP 3000+ ratio(13*166 Barton 512k cache).
10.) Patch incorrect FSB frequency in boot up screen when BIOS Flash.
11.) Patch F10 save CMOS hangs 7Fh issue.

Model: EP-8RDA+
BIOS: 8RDA3117.BIN (9300)
1.) Patch 'Memory Frequency' item always be changed as default when entry the Chipset Features item.
2.) Fix QAPLUS "NPU" test fail.
3.) Magic health support.
4.) Fixed SMBus loss SUBSystemID after S3 resume.
5.) Change 'USB keyboard support' default to 'Enabled'.
6.) Always set memory clock as 100Mhz before BPL.
7.) Fixed issue for AMD CPU_CHK tools.
8.) PID#21922 - Change Athlon XP 3000+ ratio(13*166 Barton 512k cache).
9.) Patch incorrect FSB frequency in boot up screen when BIOS Flash.
10.) Patch F10 save CMOS hangs 7Fh issue.

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 9:19, Monday, January 20, 2003



Model: EP-4GEM, 4GEMI
BIOS: 4GEM3107.BIN (E200)
1.) Sloved FSB400 CPU and Samsung Memory (DDR/K4H280838B-TCB0) collocation can't boot after clear CMOS.

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 9:39, Wednesday, January 8, 2003


EPoX Bluetooth at CES

EPoX Computer will exhibit a series of Bluetooth and IA products in the 2003 International CES Las Vegas

06 January 2003 — After more than one year of endeavour, EPoX’s Communication and IA (Information Appliance) Division have developed various integrated product lines. These products will be announced at the world’s largest consumer technology trade show, The International Consumer Electronics Show 2003 (International CES), in the Las Vegas Convention Centre. At this trade show, EPoX (Booth No. 36241; South Hall) will present a series of Bluetooth technology enabled products, ranging from printer adapters, modems, mice, motherboard modules, USB dongles, to IA products such as Set-Top-Boxes (STBs). Live demonstrations will be available at the EPoX booth. With this demo, our visitors will be able to experience the wireless working environment made possible by Bluetooth technology and be able to understand how Set Top Boxes can be integrated into our everyday lives.

Since 2001, EPoX has been actively involved in the wireless communication and IA arena. EPoX’s communications and IA division have already produced several products. These products will be shown in the world’s largest consumer technology trade show, 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES), in the Las Vegas Convention Centre, from January 9th to January 12th. The EPoX booth number is 36241 and is located in the South Hall. The two themes of this show for EPoX are Bluetooth technology and Information Appliance (IA).

In the Bluetooth technology arena, EPoX will exhibit six Bluetooth enabled products. They are printer adapter, modem, mouse, motherboard module, USB dongle, and presenter. The Bluetooth printer adapter is a portable Bluetooth device that fits into the parallel port of the printer and provides short-range hassle-free wireless printing. The Bluetooth modem allows a computer to be detached from a PABX telephone line to make a dial-up Internet connection. The Bluetooth mouse lets users get rid of their mouse cables and move much more freely. The Bluetooth Dongle is a portable wireless communication device that can be fitted into the USB ports of the desktops, laptops or PDAs to transform them into Bluetooth enabled devices. The Bluetooth motherboard module is an alternative to the dongle to be used when the USB ports of the desktops are occupied. This module can be integrated into various EPoX motherboard products. The Bluetooth Presenter, with laser pointer inside, allows presentation speakers to move at their ease to have better interaction with the audience.

In the IA arena, the main products are two series of the Set-Top-Boxes, EP-1200 and EP-1800. The two series of the Set-Top-Boxes (STBs), EP-1200 and EP-1800, not only support easy on web function, but also the well-known Video-On-Demand (VOD) function. Users can easily set STBs upon the top of the Televisions. Via a remote control, users can access all kinds of information, including homepages, E-mails, DVDs, games, and music, etc.. The user can get real customised information. This product can be integrated into distant learning and even hotel movie services.
There will be live demo shows at the EPoX booth at CES 2003. EPoX will integrate its Bluetooth products to build up a Personal Area Network (PAN), letting the visitors experience a real wireless working environment. Also, EPoX will simulate Video On Demand via STBs during the period of the show. 

Posted 11:09, Tuesday, January 7, 2003



Model: EP-8KHA
BIOS: 8KHA2C11.BIN (2200)
1.) Change DCLKI DCLKO item value descripition.
2.) Fill AC97 Sub Vender Sub Device ID.
3.) Change AC97 item name.
4.) Solved Win98 can't shutdown in APM mode.
5.) Solved hang when in setup is starting Win2000' screen when install windows 2000 and use ASUS v8420 + Promise TX2000 + Tekram DC395U
6.) Turn off KB LED after Power OFF.
7.) Fix fan sensor to makke system crash issue if the FAN speed result overflow.
8.) Update AWDFLASH.EXE version to V8.22A.
9.) Update Clock Control Setting for AMD recommend.
10.) Support boot from USB flash device.

Model: EP-3WTM3
BIOS: 3WT32C19.BIN (5A00)
1.) Update new source code to support USB device boot for customer request.

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 18:07, Friday, January 3, 2003



Model: EP-8RDA+
BIOS: 8RDA2C31.BIN (F800)
1.) Sloved ratio adjusts fail.
2.) Memory timings setting fail when change ' Memory Timings' item.
3.) Solved 1394 can't control ( Enable/ Disable) by setup.

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 17:53, Friday, January 3, 2003


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