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New Products 26/03

This week sees the arrival of two new mainboards here in the UK (8K3A and 8K3A+ have been shipping for 2 weeks here in UK already now). The boards are :-


SiS 650 400MHz host chipset for Pentium 4
3 PCI slots
1 AGP (4x) slot
2 DDR 184pin Dimm slots for unbuffered memory
Video on board
Audio on board
Realtek LAN onboard
Option for 6 USB ports

This is a high quality and high value µATX mainboard in terms of price, feature set, stability and moreover - performance. This board is fully WLP2.0 passed and appears on the Microsoft Hardware compatibility listing for Windows XP making it a fine board for quality and value systems integration needs.

An ATX form factor mainboard using the VIA KT266a northbridge and VT8233A southbridge chipset to offer outstanding performance and stability with full ATA133 support at a most competitive price. This mainboard supercedes our previous model 8KHAL. 

Posted 17:15, Tuesday, March 26, 2002


EPoX Ranks Top 3

ASE Labs, a respected hardware site focussing on the views of the lay-person rather than the out and out enthusiast has posted an article comparing some 20 of the worlds finest motherboard manufacturers, from which EPoX places in 3rd.

Check out EPoX's profile and also the conclusion and rankings

Posted 8:20, Tuesday, March 26, 2002


8K3A/+ Specifications

Specifications for EPoX's premium KT333 products, the 8K3A and 8K3A+ have been added to our product information area.In testing ere at EPoX UK this product has given admirable stability and performance - yet another great quality premium mainboard product from EPoX in the same vein as everyone has already become acustomed to.

EP-8K3A and EP-8K3A+ - best VIA KT333 product on the market here in UK

Read the specifications here 

Posted 13:06, Sunday, March 24, 2002


New BIOS releases

New BIOSes today for 8K3A/+, 8KHAL+, 3VSA / 3VSA2 and 3VSM mainboards.

Model : EP-8K3A / 8K3A+
BIOS : 8K3A2312.BIN (9C00)
Fixed :
- Improved DRAM and 3D performance
- Support AC97 speaker disable in POST by item‘AC97 Speaker At POST’
- Support shutdown temperature in POST by item ‘Shutdown System in POST’
- Support no CPU shutdown system in POST by item ‘No FAN Shutdown System’

Model : EP-8KHAL+
BIOS : 8KHP2315.BIN (FE00)
Fixed :
- Added Athlon model 8 CPU support (CPUID=680)
- Speed up S3 resume on Win2000 platform.
- Show DRAM real clock x2
- Support shutdown temperature in Windows 2000 platform
- Support shutdown temperature in POST
- Support No CPU FAN shutdown in POST
- Disable AC97 audio at POST by item

Model : EP-3VSA / 3VSA2 / 3VSM
BIOS : 3VSA2207.BIN (BF00)
Fixed :
- Add “hdd_48bit_support” to support HDD more than 137GB capacity

Download them from here 

Posted 11:46, Monday, March 18, 2002


CPU compatibility listing update

Thanks to EPoX USA for updating the CPU Compatibility listing charts. These are now available for download here on our UK mirror. Please remember that you need Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view this document which is in .pdf format.

Download it here 

Posted 2:11, Tuesday, March 12, 2002


8KHA+ and 8K7A/+ BIOS

New BIOSes released today for two of our flagship Socket A mainboards - the 8KHA+ and the 8K7A/+.

Model : EP-8KHA+
BIOS : 8KHI2304.BIN (3A00)
Fixed :
- Support ATA-133 HDD
- Turn off KB LED after ACPI S3/S4/S5 mode
- Fixed DRAM Bank interleave can’t modify by item if over clocked
- Huge hard disk size over 137GB support
- Added CPU support for forthcoming AMD processors

Model : EP-8K7A & 8K7A+
BIOS : 8K7A2304.BIN (8D00)
Fixed :
- Update HP370 BIOS to v2.0.0907
- Added CPU support for forthcoming AMD processors
- Support huge hard disk size over 137GB(not include High Point IDE)

Download them here 

Posted 11:55, Monday, March 11, 2002


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