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New Awardflash available

Awardflash version 8.23 now available for download, download it here 

Posted 13:06, Monday, March 31, 2003



Model: EP-8K9A & EP-8K9AI
BIOS: 8K9A3321.BIN (0A00)
1) Added DRAM_CMOS to replace CF_CMOS for DRAM timing use.
2) Remove Award source code for solve when 'Security Option' set 'System', will still not request to key in the password.
3) Update Award source code to show correct CPU string.
4) Add Bus_Parking_Item to support Bus Parking.
5) Patch ATI 7500 LE can not install WinXP and Win2K.

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 8:09, Tuesday, March 25, 2003


New BIOS 24/03/03

Model: EP-8KTA2L, EP-8KTA3L, EP-8KTA3L+
BIOS: KT0A3206.BIN (3200)
1) Changed message to "AMD K7 Processor" from "Unknown CPU Type."
2) Add to show "Athlon XP 2400+ & 2200+" at POST screen.

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 14:12, Monday, March 24, 2003


EP-4BDA533 Uploaded

Specifications for the new EPoX Overlimit Series product, the EP-4BDA533 have now been uploaded. This product is already widely available in UK distribution.

Read the specifications here 

Posted 14:12, Tuesday, March 18, 2003



BIOS: 4GED3314.BIN (3400)
1) Solved "ATI Radeon 8500DV" VGA card can not boot.
2) Solved "AAC-364 SCSI RAID" card, system will hang up at POST "8b".
3) Corrected show Intel Pentium 4 2.66GHz FSB533, 2.4GHz FSB400, 2.4GHz FSB533 CPU at POST screen.

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 11:03, Tuesday, March 18, 2003


New Product Specifications

Specifications for the EP-4GEAD/I and EP-4GEMI i845GE based systems integration mainboards have been uploaded.

Read the specifications as follows :-

EP-4GEMI - here

EP-4GEAD/I - here 

Posted 10:59, Tuesday, March 18, 2003


NVidia Award EPoX

EPoX Awarded by NVidia in appreciation of their mainboards

Following the worldwide success of their NForce 2 SPP & IGP mainboards, EPoX Computer of Taipei, Taiwan were awarded by NVidia Corporation for their Dedication and Commitment to Excellence.

[Taipei, 13th March 2003] EPoX has developed a strong relationship with NVidia recently, producing the worlds most sought after NForce 2 mainboard solutions utilising NForce 2 SPP and IGP (with onboard graphical processor) integrated circuits. The EP-8RDA and EP-8RGA series of mainboards have won awards both on the internet and in the press throughout the world, as their performance, stability and immense overclocking potential has won the hearts of journalists and end-users alike.
NForce2 mainboard platform processors have offered to the industry a new level of performance and connectivity that has never been offered so completely before in any AMD hosting mainboard. Giving Dual Channel DDR400 memory, along with support onboard for such technologies as IEEE1394a, USB 2.0, 5.1 Channel Dolby Audio processing, and 10/100 Mbps LAN functions, never before has it been possible to produce such a complete solution. Given these features, and the highly reputable EPoX brand name, demand for these products has soared high from the day of release, with more and more demand arising as people learn of such a product being manufactured by ourselves.

Upcoming EPoX NForce 2 Products

EPoX will shortly release evolutionary NForce2 mainboard designs offering users more choice in the implementation of their AMD system platform. New offerings will offer the added functionality of Serial ATA, whilst maintaining all of the options that have made our original offerings so desirable.

EP-8RDA3+ will be a full sized ATX mainboard based upon NForce2 SPP with AGP8x, 3 x IEEE 1394a ports, CMedia 9739a audio for 5.1 Dolby Audio processing, USB 2.0, NVidia LAN and Silicon Image 3112a Serial ATA connectivity. As is expected of all EPoX mainboards, this evolution of the ever popular EP-8RDA series mainboard will continue to feature all of the overclocking features admired by our users.

EP-8RGA3+ will offer all of the functionality of the EP-8RDA3+, whilst also adding integrated graphics by use of the NForce 2 IGP, whilst retaining an AGP slot for further graphical expansion, should the user so desire. 

Posted 15:55, Sunday, March 16, 2003


New EP-4SDA5+ & BIOS

Model: EP-4SDA5+
1) Fixed ATi Radeon 9500 AGP card causing hang up in 3DMark2001SE.

Model: EP-8K9A2+
BIOS: K9A23304.BIN
1) Alter method for security password appearing when set.

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 11:05, Friday, March 7, 2003


New EP-8RDA / + BIOS

Model: EP-8RDA
BIOS: 8RD13305.BIN (A100)
1) Fixed universal BIOS unsatble on C17-A2 chipset (Barton 3000+), because C17-A2 can not enable C1/C2 disconnect.
2) Add disable 'Power Button Function' (SMI/SCI) when update ROMSIP.

Model: EP-8RDA+
BIOS: 8RDA3305.BIN (A100)
1) Fixed universal BIOS unsatble on C17-A2 chipset (Barton 3000+), because C17-A2 can not enable C1/C2 disconnect.
2) Add disable 'Power Button Function' (SMI/SCI) when update ROMSIP.

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 10:38, Friday, March 7, 2003


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