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New BIOS 24/06/02

Model : EP-8K3A / 8K3A+ / 8K3AP
BIOS : 8K3A2619.BIN (9200)

Fixed :
1) Improved KT333 over clock capability in range150~165Mhz
2) Improved DRAM compatibility
3) Fixed after run awdflash.exe keyboard fail
4) Fixed system canít shutdown in Win98SE/ME safe mode
5) Add support new function to CPU temperature more than 75 degrees shutdown
6) Highpoint BIOS is included in this binary

Model : EP-8KHA+
BIOS : 8KHI2612.BIN (BC00)

Fixed : Fixed system can not shutdown in WIN98SE/ME safe mode

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 7:18, Friday, June 21, 2002


New 4G4A/+/N/I BIOS

Model : EP-4G4A+, 4G4AN, 4G4AI, 4G4A
BIOS : 4G4A2617.BIN (A800)

Fixed :
1) Update VGA BIOS to 2614
2) Update Intel Ref code to 1.2
3) Support ADD-In Card TV out at BIOS post
4) Solved ACPI S3 resume CPU temperature not correct

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 8:03, Wednesday, June 19, 2002


EPoX Bluetooth touches down

Wireless communication can mean many things and bluetooth can take this further and faster than any other medium - making PC's talk to each other, to printers, to PDA's, to mobile telephones and a whole host of other data source and retrieval devices. Introducing EPoX Bluetooth products.....

Available as part of the mainboard package or as a seperate USB dongle allowing upto 7 seperate simultaneous connections in any blue tooth ring with superior security and ciper rating to convential 802.11 wireless networking.

Read more here 

Posted 17:23, Monday, June 17, 2002



Model : EP-8KTA3 / 8KTA3+
BIOS : 8KT32612.BIN (0B35)

Fixed :
1) Add menu item can disable AC97 speaker beep when system booting
2) Patch system canít access connected High Point channel HDD when wake up from S3 mode

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 9:44, Monday, June 17, 2002


New BIOS 14/06/02

Model : EP-4BDA / 4BDA2+
BIOS : 4BD22612.BIN (2A00)
Fixed :
- Solve ACPI S3 resume CPU temperature not correct.
- To support Watch-Dog function in Clock_Gen.
- Open CPU FSB533 to select memory DDR354.
- Solve CPU Vcore can not to adjust.
- Update High Point 372.232 (5/29/2002)

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 4:58, Friday, June 14, 2002


4SDM2+ WHQL certified

WLP 2.0 WHQL certification has been awarded for mainboard 4SDM2+ under both Windows XP and Windows Me operating systems to re-assure systems integrators and end users alike of the mainboards stability, S3 ability and compatibility. Offering a high quality, high performance high value solution the 4SDM2+ based on SiS650GX chipset brings un-paralelled levels of both performance and integration to market at an extremely competitive price point.

Read the specifications here 

Posted 11:40, Wednesday, June 12, 2002


Updated Thoroughbred Compatibility

Goodnews to all EPoX UK readers and users -

The new Throroughbred processor core from AMD which has debuted in the Athlon XP2200+ processor has been found to be compatible and fully stable with the following mainboards :-

8K7A / + Rev 1.1
8KHA+ Rev 2.0
8KMM+ Rev 0.1
8KTA3L+ Rev 1.0
8K3A / + Rev 1.0 or greater

With the latest BIOS flashed to each of these mainboards, each will support the AXDA2200+ processor core. 

Posted 5:41, Wednesday, June 12, 2002


New 8K7A/+ BIOS

EP-8K7A / 8K7A+
BIOS : 8K7A2529.BIN (8F00)
Fixed : Disabled AC97 audio beep speaker by item

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 16:09, Tuesday, June 11, 2002


Thoroughbred Processors

Listings of mainboards supporting the New AMD XP2200+ processor (AXDA2200+) shall be uploaded and given shortly after testing work has been completed.

Note in the meantime however that we can confirm that the XP2200+ processor is fully compatible with the EP-8K3A/+ series of mainboards.

Keep your eyes on this spot for further compatibility news with our other mainboard products. 

Posted 15:42, Tuesday, June 11, 2002



New BIOS for EP-8KTA2L / 8KTA3L / 8KTA3L+
BIOS : KT0A2604.BIN (5C7B)
Fixed : Add menu item can disable AC97 speaker beep when system booting.

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 5:56, Friday, June 7, 2002


Competition Winners

MANY CONGRATULATIONS to the 2 winners of our Spring Competition to win a barebones system based around the EPoX EP-8K3A+ mainboard.

The winners are :-

Mark Thornton of Brighouse in West Yorkshire


Hadyn Burgess of Haywards Heath

The winners have been notified and shall be receiving their prizes shortly - CONGRATULATIONS 

Posted 17:00, Thursday, June 6, 2002


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