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Press Release - KT400

EPoX’s KT400 product- EP-8K9A2+, EP-8K9A3+

Sept. 23rd, ’02, Taiwan - VIA’s new generation chipset KT400 provides lightning fast access to system memory and delivers more performance by supporting DDR200/266/333 SDRAM memory and the full range of 200/266MHz Processor Bus AMD Athlon™, AMD Athlon™ XP and AMD Duron™ processors. More importantly, KT400 is connected to the VIA VT8235 South Bridge by an enhanced 8X V-Link connection transferring data at 533MB/s, four times the speed of a conventional PCI bus. This enables a more balanced system configuration and breaks through the performance bottleneck.

EPoX has a very high reputation in Socket A platform. Following the success of its KT333 motherboard, the EP-8K3A+, EPoX is now launching its KT400 based product, EP-8K9A series. From this series of mainboards, EPoX is focusing on 2 models: the EP-8K9A2+ and the EP-8K9A3+.

EP-8K9A2+ features 6 PCI slots, 1 AGP 8X slot, and 3 DDR DIMM for PC2700 Memory DRAM sized 64MB to 3GB. As EPoX always focuses on the high-end market, there are new connection interfaces built in. The new VIA VT8235 south bridge supports 6 USB2.0 connections. The mainboard also has built in Serial ATA with a Silicon Image Sil3112a controller chip to support up to two Serial ATA devices. The peak bandwidth of this technology is 150MB/sec (1.5Gbps serial transfer). Also integrated is a 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet controller in the form of the VIA VT 6103, which supports a LAN function with a RJ-45 connector. It also has a built-in Highpoint HPT372 chipset for Ultra DMA-133 & IDE RAID (0, 1, 0+1) x 2 (Up to 4 Devices)

EP-8K9A3+ is also aimed towards high end users and with a very similar specification with 8K9A2+. Instead of featuring a HPT372 IDE RAID and Serial ATA, EP-8K9A3+ features the HPT374 chip supporting an extra 2 dual channel IDE Ports with Ultra DMA-133 & IDE RAID x 4 (Up to 8 Devices). HP374 also supports JBOD function (Just Bunch One-Disk) to enable multiple hard disks to be seen by the system as one physical drive.

Both of the above 2 models with no exception have strong overclockability. The CPU Vcore and clock can be adjusted within the BIOS. This can also be said of the AGP voltage and memory voltages which are also defineable within the BIOS. In order to give re-assurance, EPoX’s Magic health facility which is hard coded into the BIOS is always there to alert the user of any given problem. Users can monitor the system status whilst the system POSTS. A P80P post port of two LED’s (00h – FFh) can display to the end user 1 of 256 different error codes to assist with any necessary system debugging that may be necessary.




Posted 17:25, Friday, September 27, 2002


New version of Awardflash uploaded

New version of Award Flash uploaded - version 8.22a.

Download the latest Awdflash.exe here 

Posted 13:59, Monday, September 23, 2002


New CPU Support Listings

New CPU support listings uploaded at (Right Click and Save Target As... in IE to keep copy). 

Posted 11:40, Friday, September 20, 2002



Model : EP-3WTM
BIOS : 3WTM2911.BIN (B41B)
Fixed :
1) Update CPU Micro Code
2) Update VGA ROM to version 1.16
3) Patch Windows XP/Administrative Tools/Event Viewer/System/ACPI error marked

Download the BIOS here 

Posted 15:04, Friday, September 13, 2002


New specification sheets uploaded

New specification sheets for forthcoming VIA KT400 and NVidia NForce 2 mainboards have now been uploaded.

EP-8K9AI - VIA KT400 entry level mainboard
EP-8RDA+ - NVidia NForce2 board w/o graphics
EP-8RGA+ - NVidia NForce2 board w/ GF4MX graphics 

Posted 10:22, Tuesday, September 10, 2002


Available to purchase online

Just added to the Online Store are the EPox EP-8KTA3Pro and EP-8KTA3+Pro mainboards offering full Palomino Athlon XP support, 4 DIMM slots, P80P debug panels, many performance BIOS features as well as ATA100 RAID on the 8KTA3+Pro model.

To purchase, just Visit the Online Store here at EPoX UK. 

Posted 9:21, Friday, September 6, 2002


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